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RESERVATIONS: Meet Me in the Lobby
April 10 & 11,  2018

The second in an ongoing play series inspired by a single location, Reservations: Meet Me in the Lobby features original pieces by eleven New York playwrights, bringing an eclectic mix of hilarious and moving work, all transpiring over one fateful day in a trendy Manhattan hotel lobby.

Produced by Marina Gasparyan, Erin Johnson, Irina Gorovaia and Kerri Sohn

Directed by Kerri Sohn

Stories and performances by Danny Blanda, Fig Chilcott, Maarit Hara, Simona Blat, Shane Jensen, Carlotta Brentan, Irina Gorovaia, Erin Johnson, Jason Millner, Marina Gasparyan, Kerri Sohn, Rob Glascott, David Volino, Luke Eddy, Taylor Sander,Stephen Sanchez, Lee Hubila, Audrey Yeoman, Courtney Torres, Tori Ratermanis, Johnathon Holdforth, Alex Bonner, Joanna Wronska, Ines Storani and Sam Wilson.
Tickets via Brown Paper Tickets

RESERVATIONS: A Night of One Acts
Feb 8, 2017

The first in an ongoing series of one act plays taking place in one location. Reservations featured six plays in one restaurant. The night interweaved two published works, Great to See You by Teresa Rebeck and Anything For You by Catherine Celesia Allen, and four original pieces. 

Produced by Marina Gasparyan and Erin Johnson

Stories and Performances by Irina Gorovaia, Jason Millner, Kerri Sohn, Ines Storani, Rob Glascott, Ricardo Burgos, Jessica Pinfield, Victoria Ratermanis, Erin Johnson, Johnathon Holdforth, Maarit Hara, Marina Gasparyan, David Joseph Volino, Nikki Findel, Danny Blanda and John McNulty.